Piece of paradise

Cebu’s best beaches are usually found in the southern and northern parts of Cebu. Summer is almost over and for busy yuppies, a quick trip to either ends of Cebu proved to be de-stressing.

Interesting rock formation
Parking lot. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Tucked in the North-eastern Cebu, Bunzie’s Cove is one of the Cebu’s best secret. Fondly known as “Caribbean Cove of Cebu” by well-travelled locals and expatriates alike, Bunzie’s Cove is a perfect hideaway with a private cove owned by a Singapore-based designer Annie Chen.

Bunzie’s Cove

Located in Tabogon, Bunzie’s Cove is a 30-minute drive from the town of Sogod, passing Borbon along the way. The cove boasts of panoramic views of Tabogon Bay and Camotes Sea and a great sunset view spot. It has a pebbly shoreline, fringed with rocky edges which became a favorite to thrill seekers for cliff-diving stunts. Boat rides are also available upon request. Be sure to rent your boat before you jump off the cliff for a ride back to the shore. Don’t be fooled by the distance and depth.

Greek-inspired verandah
The pool
Leap of faith
Row your own boat

Guests have the option to go a Day Use or an overnight.  Day-trippers can enjoy the Grecian verandah with relaxing lounge chairs, use of dirty kitchen, pebbly beach, swimming pool and comfort room for Php 100 per person. Corkage fee is charged at Php 500 for everything you’ve packed. Just make sure you brought everything you need to cook (including gas, matches, coal and food).

Manong the boatman

For weekenders, the resort has rooms that offer a great ocean view. The garden cottage is a tourist favorite. It sits atop a cliff that with suspended terrace overlooking the varying aquamarine hues.

Summer can be spelled with a pool, great beach, sprawling patio with breathtaking views and friends.

Getting there:
You can take a bus from the North Bus Terminal for Php 80 per trip. For those who would like to take a private vehicle, you can also drive all the way to the north until you see “Welcome to Damulog, Sogod Cebu”. After 150 meters of driving you will see the big billboard signage of Alegre Beach Resort–which is the landmark in front of the corner. Then turn right to take the road to Borbon.  From Borbon proper, you drive for about 7km then you will see the signage after crossing a little bridge that says “Welcome to Tabogon”. Go 3km more to reach Bunzie’s Cove in Brgy. Bitoon, Tabogon. The resort is located on the right side with red arch as gate.
Price range: Overnights ranging from Php 4,000 to P5,000 (depending on the villa).
Contact number: Office 416-1946 or 344-3039 (all rates are subject to change).