At the Kabayan Hotel lobby

We’re finally back in the busy metropolis. We made reservations in Kabayan Hotel for another two nights in Manila–the last leg for our six-day vacation for the Dufros trip.

Kabayan Hotel’s hallway

Kabayan is another perfect budget-hotel for backpackers. We got the window-less dormitory-type room that fits all six of us. Our reservation in Kabayan comes with free breakfast and lunch. Passes were given to us after check-in and before heading for breakfast.

Artista-stalking at Starbucks ABS-CBN

The day after we arrived in Manila, we went to ABS-CBN station in the hopes of scoring seats in the noon time show: Showtime. I’m not really a big fan of celebrities but we went star-spotting under the guise of buying coffee at Starbucks. We are hoping of spotting a celebrity getting his/her caffeine fix of the day.

ABS-CBN studio tour flyer

Reservations for studio tours and taking part of the live audience should be made 3-4 months prior to the designated date. Due to divine intervention and Jo-an’s persuasion towards the receptionists, Showtime still has room for six people. We grabbed the chance and booked for the studio tour for the following day (yes, Valentine’s day). We paid Php 175 for each person (inclusive of audience participation).

Chumz at the Pinoy Big Brother house
Ex-PBB housemate Ryan with Jo-an

Of course, we had our photos taken with the famous reality-TV show “Pinoy Big Brother” house. Just our luck, we have ex-PBB housemate Ryan prepping up for his spiels out front and Jo-an had her photo taken with him.

Valentine’s Day is in the air at the PBB House

After the trip to ABS-CBN compound, we visited the famous Quiapo church. I took some photos but I was reprimanded for doing so. Picture-taking is not allowed.

Quaipo church’s altar
Pondo ng Pinoy

Photos by Chumz, Jo-an and yours truly