Having worked in the hospitality industry for quite some time gave me the opportunity to explore the rapid growth of new media. Through a handful of local bloggers, I was introduced to the unlimited possibilities of social media. More and more corporate businesses have set up their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites. If these tools are used wisely, it would help create brand awareness, more potential customers and increase profit.
One needs to be proactive in the social media world. Of course, being a blogger and a social media influencer is not all about being click-happy. You shouldn’t hit send/publish without double checking if you are sharing trash to the world wide web or spreading correct information to the world. It is all about practicing social media responsibility. GMA 7 even launched their “Think Before You Click” campaign to urge internet users to be more responsible in using social media by reminding them to think of the consequences of their actions before posting anything online.
Let us learn from the experts at the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 on March 16, 2013 at the J Centre Convention Hall, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.
What to expect?
Prominent social media personalities and thought leaders will be resource persons of this event. More than three hundred social media influencers and users are expected to convene and share best practices from top industry leaders, set ethics and standards for users, and promote social media responsibility.
Mark your calendars and save the date. See you all at the event!

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The National Social Media Influencers is organized by iNewMedia Online Network and co-organized by the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.  For more information, visit the official site at www.socialmedia.org.ph or email at info@socialmedia.org.ph.
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