Mother Nature is having a fit. Last Saturday, July 20, 2013, hundreds (and probably thousands) of shoppers were stuck in SM City Cebu from 7pm to almost 11pm. It was raining hard for about two hours with no sign of letting up. When the rain stopped, the water’s too high for cars to brave the flood. The mall figured that the customers won’t budge, so they opened its doors until they disperse. Jollibee and KFC must have gone over their daily sales targets because they’re still open at 10pm and serving dinner.
This is my second experience to be stuck in a public place. This almost outrank the number one spot of my horrible experience (i.e. Manila airport). Both of my phones are low on battery and I don’t have any cellphone charger. I just got off the pay phone to let my folks know where I’m sitting when my cousin found me by the stairs. We waited for our aunt to save the day at an open cellphone shop where I charged my Xperia phone with a Samsung charger (hey, it works!).
Here are some shots I took before my phone’s battery gave up on me:

Taken outside the entrance of Shakey’s and French Baker
V-hire terminal with patient queuing passengers
Tambay Boys exercised their entrepreneurial skills and invite stranded onlookers to hitch a ride (to cross to the other side) on their make-shift transport
Some braved the bacteria-infected flood
The moral lessons I learned that night: (1) to bring a cellphone charger in case I get stuck again in the mall; and (2) do not brave the flood. Be patient, the flood will surely recede in two hours’ time.
Cebu City Council, this is the perfect time to put the people’s money to good use and fix the drainage system.