Shake it like a Polaroid picture

New coffee shops are popping out like mushrooms. More specifically Korean cafes. With the growing Korean population and K-Pop fans in the metropolis, it is not surprising that people would flock to these establishments to enjoy a quiet break from the busy city life. Post-it notes and Polaroid shots covered the four corners of these cafes, exuding the comforts of your bedroom (that is, if you have all those reminders and photos all over your wall).
Ditching the commercialized coffee shops, here are the new (and not-so new) establishments that I’ve found time to visit last year:

Where to?

Cafe Noriter

Located at One Acacia Place Unit 10-11 Arch Bishop Reyes Ave., this place is pretty accessible. It is right across Hotel Elizabeth and adjacent to Golden Prince Hotel.

Noriter means playground. The owners have utilized the space and designed the cubicles with top bunks, bringing back childhood memories of tree houses. Cafe Noriter is always packed with students and those with young at heart, so it can be a bit noisy. It is a nice place to chill, relax and enjoy mugs of coffee with whipped cream on top. I tried one of their drinks, apparently I am a bit disappointed as the price is the same with Starbucks but the taste is not as good. Good ambiance plus good company makes it up somehow.

Homey mismatched mugs

Sunday 2pm Cafe

Heard all about it last year but I have no idea where it is located. Right after my weekend meeting at the Castle Peak Hotel in Mabolo, Kareen and I head to Sarrosa Hotel, where Sunday 2pm Cafe is located. Judging from the photos I’ve seen on other blogs, I though the place is a big place but apparently it sits an estimate of less than ten people. I feel like I’m visiting a library full of colorful sticky notes. Bookshelves occupy the four corners of the place, Polaroid shots and Post-its were artfully littered all over the walls. We had a lovely delish hot cup of Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream with the super strong rain in the background. They have good coffee here served in homey colorful mugs.

Posh cafe in Escario Central
Cafe SarreeIt was Monday late afternoon when I first stepped in Cafe Sarree for a meeting with Jason from a local magazine. Been hearing about that place for a long time but I never got the time to check it out. This modern vintage place is tucked in Escario Central in Escario Street. Since we were undecided on what to have, we both settled for Cafe Sarree’s Bailey’s dessert.
Baileys for two
Picture frames (again!)
Communal table topper
It’s always to good to go out and discover other cafés other than Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf drinks. If you don’t have the time to check them out, you can always save a few bucks by fixing yourself a good ol’ Nescafe 3-in-1 sachet.