Another year has passed and it’s time to ring in a new one in just a couple of days. Allow me to recall all the wonderful (and not-so wonderful) things that happened.
It was our 35th year and we declared January 6 as our company’s National Pandesal Day. This is something we are proud of: to be part of a milestone.
Due to stress and other things that it brings, Kareen and I visited Osmena Peak. Which resulted to corrupted stock-photos worthy shots. But Kareen was able to salvage some good ones.

I realized that traveling makes me creative. I got burned out that I got used to flying from Cebu to Manila (and vice-versa) twice in December that I caught a severe case of travel bug addiction. And it’s not pretty.

Since I cannot travel immediately, I dragged Kareen out of boredom to check out Sirao Flower Farm and Temple of Leah one afternoon. We hit the Busay attractions 3 months of flooding my news feed on social media. And it doesn’t make any difference. It’s still crowded on weekends.

Allow me to declare that this month is the start of being resilient. It was one of those roller coaster rides that you have no idea how to put this experience into writing. Hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing kind of feels.
I got the chance to travel again to Manila for a segment shoot. I’m getting the hang of these things and the responsibility that comes with it. It made me more responsible in everything I do.

My heart is set on traveling to Banaue (again!) to witness Imbayah Festival. The Tourism Officer I spoke to finally gave the celebration dates last January and we immediately booked our tickets to Manila. Kareen and I missed the opening part of the festival but we enjoyed their dances (an Ifugao variation of a chicken dance) and the wooden scooter race. In addition to our Banaue trip, we trekked Batad and survived with less water under the heat of the sun.
Just like our last year’s trip, we dropped by Baguio and an old friend showed us some of his favorite artsy haunts and a quick trivia where the famous That Thing Called Tadhana movie scenes were shot.
May/ June/ July
Nothing exciting happened on these months. Except I got bashed on my Tripzilla article. No biggie. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.
Part of my Things To Do When I’m 30 is to host an event. And what better way to do it is to host a friend’s wedding. And I’m not doing it again. Maybe I’ll do it again but not a wedding.
My go-to gym closed down after visiting there for more than year. It really bums me out because I will miss my gym mates (whom I exchanged smiles but never learned their names) and free water supply. I will have to look for a new one. Again. Here’s more shocking news: I will put on pounds if I’m not gonna find a new one.
It’s my birth month, I didn’t get to have my birthday getaway because a close friend of mine died. She has been my shoulder-to-lean-on for 3 years. She’s that kind of friend who saw you through bad times and good. I was there for her when she needed support when her marriage failed, exchanged adulting advices and be cheerleaders for each other. She was like a mother to all those close to her.
I was so depressed that my anxiety issues came back (another reason to go back to gym to beat depression). So I moped around until someone slapped me back to reality.
After contributing and working for Tripzilla for more than a year, I was finally able meet Dina Malyana (a.k.a. Girl on the Train) in person. She was the one who showed me the ropes on how to be a Tripzillan. Dina brought Nurmani with her to Cebu and we showed them around the metropolis. As an added bonus, I get to meet travel blogger mom Pam Baroro of
Decembers are magical for me. All things good and positive usually happens. One thing leads to another. It started when I unwittingly and blindly organized my barkada’s annual Christmas get-together.

This month also poses a question in making a choice. One has to make a choice that might change your outlook in life. Sometimes it affects the morals you believe in and sometimes, life will just tell you to get a grip, enjoy life. Adulting will follow. And whatever choice I make, it is for the good of my conscience.

That’s how my 2016 ended. How about yours?