red maleta
Why “red maleta”?
I like the sound of the two words as I roll it around my tongue. I always bring my red maleta with me whenever I travel–be it business or leisure–for easy identification. But for shorter trips, I use a red bag in lieu of my red maleta.
Why I travel?
One of the few things I’m thankful for is that my job requires me to travel. I also make it a point to travel somewhere I’ve never been to at least once a year. I have a travel mission to accomplish in every trip. Sometimes, it involves visiting places off the grid.
When did I start documenting my travels?
I started documenting my travels when I got exiled in Quezon City for more than a month for a training. I got bored and decided to blog about getting lost in Cubao (twice!) and how I interact with the locals. Years after, I joined the corporate world of the hospitality industry where I met seasoned travelers. Soon enough, I got bitten by the travel bug and the rest is history.
What’s inside Red Maleta?
Aside from writing about my travels, I’m also into food and events. When I’m not working on any marketing-related stuff, I contribute travel articles to and I also got featured on Cebu Pacific’s in-flight magazine: Smile Magazine’s November 2017, February 2019 and August 2019  issues.