Touch down at Francisco Bangoy International Airport

This is my first trip to Davao City. After the plane landed on the Davao soil, we immediately head to Penong’s for lunch as we are only there for a business trip. I’ve heard Penong’s already opened a branch in Cebu but I haven’t tried there yet. The best way to try Penong’s barbecue is to dine in their hometown. So we had a chicken barbecue and seafood platter.

My barbecue cravings satisfied
Seafood fiesta for three

Penong’s Barbecue Seafoods & Grill’s ambiance reminds me of AA Grill. The place is designed like any grill house. It has yellow banners bearing tips like “clap twice to get the waiter’s attention” and they have free WiFi. It’s a good thing the Davao weather’s cool enough to placate the Manila heat we experienced earlier en route to the airport. Next item on the itinerary is to check in our hotel and leave our bags. Based on a recommendation from our colleague, we followed his directions with blind faith and checked in at Jazzy James Country Hotel.
Davao City’s newly opened Jazzy James Country Hotel to lives up to their country theme with their blown up photos of cowboys, horses and rodeo stills. I was expecting wooden flooring, lassos and probably horses but the owner limit himself to huge wall posters, headboards and picture frames.

Each floor has its own cowboy plastered on the wall

For people staying in Davao for business, Jazzy James is a good choice. The hallways are clean, it has elevator service (at least I won’t have to drag my red maleta to a flight of stairs), spacious rooms and bathrooms.
The hotel is also conveniently located near Victoria Plaza and has a restaurant downstairs. If you’re on a tight budget, there are lots of carenderias within walking distance from the hotel.

Jazzy James is conveniently located at the back of Victoria Plaza

Just in case you take me up on my review, here are the room rates:

Standard Single – Php 799
Standard Double – Php 1,099
Matrimonial Deluxe – Php 999
Triple – Php 999
Quadruple – Php 1,296
*Inclusions and amenities:
– fully air-conditioned rooms
– hot and cold shower
– elevator service
– Wi-Fi internet access
– In-house restaurant
– Telephone
– Cable TV
– Parking lot
** Room rates may change without prior notice
Jazzy James Country Hotel
Lacson St., BO. Obrero, Davao City
Phone: (82) 227.0788/ 305.1847