Which Quarantine Personality Are You?

May 6, 2020

A month has passed and the government is extending the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) another few weeks, which, IMHO this could probably last 3 months to flatten the curve. While we are in quarantine, we have developed different ways of dealing with our anxieties, fears, and boredom. I have identified 10 different quarantine personalities that you will meet both online and offline. Mind the social distancing.

The Hoarder

red maleta quarantine personality_hoarder

Admit it, everyone was on panic-buying mode at the announcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). My fam went on 3 to 4 trips to the grocery stocking up household essentials and food that can last us for a month. Americans may have a serious shortage of TP but in the Philippines, it’s rubbing alcohol. We’re thankful that groceries, wet markets, and pharmacies are still open. No reason to hoard. Thank goodness our milk tea cravings and food deliveries are still happening!

The Lysol Princess

red maleta quarantine personality_lysol princess

Now that you have hoarded enough supplies and rations to last you for a month or two, it is time to disinfect everything that you touch. You are just like King Midas but armed with Lysol, 70% isopropyl alcohol, and Zonrox. You start a disinfecting route from your gate, the footbath, doorknobs, and floors. If you have a family member who is a front liner, disinfecting starts the moment she or he arrives home. A garden hose, soap, and a bag of clean clothes await the medical heroes before they are allowed house entry.


red maleta quarantine personality_tiktoker

There was a rise of active users on TikTok at the start of the ECQ. The app inspires and encourages everyone’s hidden talents. If scouts are looking for a pool of talents, TikTok is a gold mine. Everyone can sing or lip-sync their way to Celine Dion’s My Heart With Go On, or do the signature TikTok dance moves to Doja Cat’s Say So. There’s even a TikTok meme going around how they are going to answer a job interview with Megan Thee Stallion’s Savage. The Tiktok playlist on Spotify got me on LSS.

The Quarantine Chef

red maleta quarantine personality_quarantine chef

Eating canned goods almost every day makes us crave for our favorite food that we used to enjoy pre-quarantine life. The quarantine life brings out the inner chefs in us. Baking banana bread from scratch to elevated canned goods cuisine (hello, sardines, Spam, and corned beef!), you’ve done it all!

Special shoutout to the restos who are selling their special meal kits so that home quarantine chefs can recreate their favorite dishes!

The Quarantine Barista

red maleta quarantine personality_quarantine barista

If there is an official quarantine drink, the Dalgona coffee takes home the crown. Some are successful while some are disappointed with their Dalgona creation. But the harder it is to make, the more satisfying it is when you get it right. I personally got it right the third time. Talk about determination and doing it for the ‘gram.

Social media users took their cue from the Dalgona coffee trend and created other varieties like Milo Dalgona and matcha versions. Oh, and let’s not forget another 3-ingredient coffee trend, the Kori Kohi. This is basically easier to make as it does not require arm muscles to whisk the ingredients.

Home Gardener

red maleta quarantine personality_home gardener

As a green advocate, Bluewater Resorts gave out seedlings to its employees and encourage them to grow their own vegetable garden. ECQ is the perfect time to plant veggies that grows easily like tomatoes, Chinese cabbage (pechay), eggplants, or chili peppers (sili).

Scrap gardening is another way of growing your own food. You can regrow carrots by using its roots or potatoes by using its peelings. Mother Earth would be so proud if you can grow and eat your own food.


red maleta quarantine personality_wfh

WFH stands for Work From Home, representing the employees who are allowed to work from home. These are the lucky ones who are (1) they are freelancers accustomed to the WFH life; and (2) really WFH-ing because work goes on. Some are on leave until ECQ is lifted but they are called to weekly Zoom meetings.

This is also the best time for others to explore side hustles as we wait for the ECQ to be over. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi connection and a laptop then poof! You can become an instant ESL online tutor!

The Nerd

red maleta quarantine personality_nerd

The Nerds will always be learning and they will use the ECQ as an opportunity to teach themselves new things. They will be scouring the bowels of the internet looking for free online courses and attend free webinars. If they are not learning something online, they are reading their Big Bad Wolf book hauls that they have forgotten or never got around to read.

Netflix Queen

red maleta quarantine personality_netflix queen

These are the divas whose favorite lines are “one more episode na lang” then immediately clicking “next episode” and “skip intro” for their TV show-of-the-week. Sometimes, they even pull an all-nighter just to finish an entire season! Being a tambay gives them a chance to catch up on the latest K-Dramas and binge watch on trending series like Money Heist or other TV shows on Netflix or HBO Go. Warning: couch potato alert!

Fitness Buff

red maleta quarantine personality_fitness buff

Anyone can workout at home. Quarantine life changed our lifestyle and we are prone to endless snacking (thank you, quarantine chefs!) with minimal to zero activities. Thankfully, there is a lot of online work out classes for you to join ranging from yoga to HIIT sessions. 

SMEXY/Elite OCR/Gorilla Boot Camp Coach Junery Andales is doing regular Facebook Live workouts that lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Like they say, no pain no gain.

After the ECQ, we will emerge as the best versions of ourselves with enhanced skills and talents that we have acquired while on quarantine. One thing’s for sure: we are all looking forward for things to be back to normal. Until we can start a brand “new normal”, we stay home, observe social distancing, and be obedient citizens of the world. #WeHealAsOne

Illustration by Aldrin Suan

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