Julie’s Bakeshop Sunrise TVC: Magandang Buhay Sa Tinapay

Jan 5, 2016

This photo depicts the twirling of the pan de sal. It took the production house hours to do it perfectly.

A TV commercial is dependent on the endorsers and how good the ads are. I love to watch new TVCs every time they went live on television. Companies usually change materials at least once every quarter. Especially big players like Jollibee, they have a different advertising budget for each core product.

But what happens behind the scenes of making the TV commercial?

Believe it or not, a typical 30 seconder TVC takes almost 24 hours straight of shooting. Some even last 3 hours in just one frame — this usually happens when you are doing a product shot. In our case, we did it in 15 hours. Whew!

I’m going to share with you how we did the 30 secs Julie’s Bakeshop Sunrise TVC in 15 hours. #ProjectSunrise

The TV commercial concept is about a girl who grew up with the Julie’s Bakeshop brand. As a kid, she would buy and sell pan de sal to her neighbors (entrepreneruial). When she got older, working as a teacher, she dropped by the bakeshop and saw a little girl who purchased assorted breads and it reminded her of her childhood days (tugging the heartstrings). All Filipinos love the emotional play on television–soap operas or TV shows.

Why are we highlighting pan de sal for our commercial? Because we are launching the first Julie’s National Pandesal Day on our 35th anniversary, January 6, 2016. Our campaign is Magandang Buhay as Tinapay — which does not only speak of the products but also the franchise business.

Day 1: December 11- voice recording and reviewing of the material


We visited the Sound Design Production for the voice recording of the talent in the evening. We have to listen to the material and approve it on the spot as this will be used for the TVC. The talent has an amazing voice with such clarity and it made me wish that I’m one of the talents because they make a lot per project.

Day 2: December 12 – shoot day

Provill production house dressing up the set and taking turns having breakfast

The van picked us up at 5 am in Pasig and took us to the first location – Julie’s Bakeshop Pinatubo, Cubao branch. Fate has a good sense of humor because I’ve always wanted to go to Mount Pinatubo. Instead, fate sent me to Pinatubo, Cubao.

Marketing and RDQ team have special roles behind the scenes. We dictate what needs to be done.

The production shoot was similar to Julie’s Chief Baker, which we just finished last November. Instead of running around for errands, we just watch #BehindtheScenes, approve a few frames, make some comments and do small talk with the production team.

The director doesn’t take to the client (us) but directs his question to the agency (Jigso/Manprom) and he would just watch us and wait for our answer before he proceeds. Once we gave our comments, the agency would relay our answer to the director.

Director Mark Meily (white shirt) getting ready for the second shoot location which they conveniently dubbed as “Bahay ni Lola” (background)

Our talent is a brilliant little girl. Her energy is limitless. We shot 2 or 3 frames at the bakeshop before we transferred to San Juan for the second shoot location. We were given a shoot list of the storyboard for reference.

We packed up by lunchtime and went to the second location. Our shoot location is a very old house (which was built after the liberation and owned by an old lady) a.k.a “Bahay ni Lola”.

The agency set camp nearby. By camp it means an airconditioned tent that houses the buffet station, tables, and chairs for us to relax. Every now and then we go to the location and approve some frames.

Since we’re the client, we get the royal treatment here. No kidding. We get van transfers and there’s endless food buffet spread for everyone to eat. Well, we paid a hefty amount for this, might as well enjoy the pampering. #BuhayCliente

Trivia: Our commercial director, Mark Meily also did some popular McDonalds and Colgate-Palmolive TVCs; and some Filipino movies like El Presidente, Baler and Crying Ladies under his belt.

The last 3 frames were shot at the Provill Studio in Makati.

We did the last 3 frames at the Provill Studio in Makati. One of the agency people shared with me that the production team can make the scene bright and sunny even though it was shot indoors or digi-Belo-ed everything to make it look smooth and flawless.

We pegged the shoot to finish around 12 midnight but luckily we got everything down between 8 pm – 9 pm.

Day 3: December 16 – client interlock

In other words, the most important part of the production aka “the premier show” of the TVC.

We were ushered inside a very cold room where the staff dimmed the lights after the director explained the overview of the TVC. We were briefed that the material shown is an offline material–which means, it wasn’t digi-Belo-ed. Wires are visible, tight shots and faded backgrounds are not yet enhanced or cleaned.

Thanks to the genius team of Director Mark Meily and Provill, they already got a head start on the editing. We made some comments and suggestions and we’re expecting to see the final material on Saturday.

Day 4: December 19 – final TVC material

It was an awful rainy Saturday because of a typhoon. Since we are #royals, we were fetched from the staff house despite the #bedweather. Rain in Manila in December is something that I don’t want to experience again.

Director Meily (gray and pink polo) with the people behind the scenes: Jigso, Manprom, Provill, #TeamJulies, Dragon Lady and her baker bestie, Yvonne.

The awesome Director Meily and Provill team managed to apply all the comments we made for the TVC last Wednesday. Our president decided to use the 30 secs instead of the 60 secs one. Personally, we prefer the 1 minuter ad over the 30 secs.

So that’s how a commercial shoot is done. Though I love new commercials on TV, I’m now more appreciative when it comes to them. The hard work and detail put together frame by frame is no joke. Creating a TVC takes 24 hours or less. The irony of it is that it only takes 15 or 30 secs on TV.

Julie’s Bakeshop Sunrise TVC 2016

Watch Julie’s Bakeshop Sunrise TVC starting January 6, 2016 in the mornings during GMA’s Unang Hirit and ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda.

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