Filipinos are widely known for their warmth and hospitality. Islands may have separated the people but their unity as one country always emerges in times of need.
Interestingly, there are some noticeable quirks observed in a Filipino. In fact, it’s easy to tell that you’re a Filipino because…

1. You look back whenever someone hisses to catch your attention

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2. You give directions using your pursed lips

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3. You smile amidst natural calamities and accidents

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4. You use a dipper instead of a shower to take a bath

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5. You eat street foods like chicken feet, pig’s blood and balut

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6. You dip bread in your coffee

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7. You occasionally take a bath under the rain

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8. You really want to experience snow

9. You have epic concerts in the bathroom

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10. You know people with cute names like Che-Che, Len-Len, Ton-Ton or Bong-Bong

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11. You are always late for your appointments

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12. You eat with your bare hands

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13. You do “mano po” as a way of greeting your grandparents

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This is done by the person giving the greeting bows towards the offered hand of the elder and presses his or her forehead on the elder’s hand. Similar gesture to hand-kissing.

14. You take home a doggie bag with the leftover food from the party you attended

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15. You ask a guest “have you already eaten?” as a general greeting, regardless of time of day and location

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Hosts are expected to share if there’s food in their plate. Most of the time, invitees are expected to decline with a polite response “No thanks, I already ate.”

16. You sing videoke in any gathering

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17. You give endearments like “ate” for female or “kuya” for male when you don’t know their names

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“Ate” (ah-teh) and “kuya” are also used to call an older sister and older brother.

18. You never fail to haggle when the price is high

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Even if the price is already cheap, they still haggle to get a good deal.

19. You say things like “Yes, I think I can make it” when invited to an event, even though you probably won’t show up

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Filipinos are too polite to turn down invitations.

20. If you agree to everything you read, you are a true blue Filipino

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Now tell me, are you of them?
This article originally appeared on Tripzilla Magazine on July 6, 2015.