Red Maleta Eats: CMYK Dessert House

Dec 30, 2012

My new colleagues and I love to do food trips. Though we get free lunch in the cafeteria, as much as possible it became our goal to eat good food outside the workplace where stress can’t reach us.

On one of our trips, we came across CMYK Dessert House. The name has something to do with colors but it actually stands for Chocolates Make You Kiss. After days of staying up late, we celebrated going home early by checking out the dessert place that is just a few feet from the hotel.

To satisfy our sweet cravings, we decided to order different desserts and share them.


Buen ordered the bestseller: Sizzling CMYK. A sweet fudgy brownie topped with vanilla ice cream overflowing with sizzling vanilla or chocolate sauce of your choice. In this case, he got the chocolate sauce.


I ordered a safe dessert: Deconstructed Mango Cheesecake. And yes, they have to wedge the cheesecake out of the glass and plate it in a unique fashion.


Jackie ordered an Ice Cream Sandwich Sunrise (Mango & Caramel), one scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two wafer-thin biscuits. We all thought that it’s a big one but our expectations were not met when it was served.


And she also got a big Choco Chip cookie drizzled with chocolate syrup. It was rock-hard and Buen managed to break it into smaller pieces. The shop doesn’t have any tap water. A good strategy to make you buy bottled water.


CMYK just opened last November this year. Since we always go home late, it is convenient for us to drop by since they open from 10am to 12am everyday. A small parking lot was also allotted to their customers. Anyone who happened to stop by at CMYK would notice that they stay true to their name. The dessert house is decked with CMYK pastel shades. They also have cute wooden spoons as table numbers/markers and albums as a menu. It is an ideal place to cozy up with your laptop while enjoying sweets.

CMYK Dessert House
Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Waterfront Drive, Cebu

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Red Maleta

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