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Feb 21, 2012

happy tummy
Welcome to Happy Tummy

The title says it all. 

Happy Tummy
A banner standee was propped at the sidewalk to beckon hungry customers

It was day 2 on our Baguio trip with my friends. We just finished doing tourist-y stuff at Mines View Park and buying strawberry jams at Good Shepherd Convent, it’s time to grab some chow on the way to the Mansion House.  

Due to miscalculations of our sense of direction coupled with a positive instinct that “it’s just around the corner”, we ended up walking a long way to Mansion House. Few steps became kilometers, which motivates us to find a good place to eat ASAP.

Upon reaching the corner of Wright Park, we made a left and found the humble abode of Happy Tummy restaurant.

We thought it’s just another carenderia (only semi-upgraded), but when we checked out their menu, they’re serving Asian Food. A carenderia serving Pad Thai and Som Tam? No way! It reminds me of those hole-in-a-wall restos here in Cebu–but dining in al fresco style.  

The place is pretty small for a restaurant but very roomy for a carenderia. We have to wait for a few minutes to be seated as they are currently full. The place could accommodate approximately 20-30 dining guests. Our waiter, who understands Cebuano (he’s from Davao) explained that the other side of the place will be converted into a “food court”–hence the canvass (that covers a certain section of the resto).

Happy Tummy
Happy Tummy patrons
Happy Tummy
Happy Tummy is also a favorite hang out place for nursing students

Most of the dishes on the menu are good for 2-3 people which costs around ₱150 per dish. We ordered their delicious fried tilapia, sweet spring rolls, two plates of chicken pandan, two plates Thai fried rice, and a plate of mixed vegetables (which we found fresh). We were so hungry from our long walk that we didn’t care what they’re serving.

Happy Tummy
Happy Tummy
Our group’s fave pick: Fried Tilapia – bits of bite-sized tilapia flesh were sliced off, deep-fried and piled on top
Happy Tummy
Crispy Spring Rolls with sweet and sour sauce
Happy Tummy
A Filipino touch of Chicken Pandan
Happy Tummy
Hot Thai Fried Rice
Happy Tummy
Fresh mixed veggies

After making our tummies happy, we saw a street vendor selling fresh strawberries outside the resto. We still haven’t tried the fresh strawberries in Baguio and we don’t want to buy a kilo of the fruit without finding out if we really like it. So we asked the lady if she can give us a sample to taste. We ended up dividing the fruit into six parts as our microscopic dessert.


It was a blessing in disguise to walk a long way and stumbled upon a good place to eat in the middle of an unknown city. Happy Tummy made another travelers’ tummies happy.

And while you’re in Baguio, don’t forget to try their strawberry taho. They are everywhere!

Happy Tummy
(beside Wright Park) Romulo Drive (right after Pacdal Circle),
2600 Baguio City, Philippines  

Update March 16, 2015: Happy Tummy is now part of the Ketchup Community which is situated in the same location.

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