Sinulog 2019: Novena Mass, Procession and Grand Parade

Jan 2, 2019

Now that the New Year festivities were done, we now move on to Cebu’s much-awaited religious celebration–Sinulog! People from all parts of the country–the world even–will come and see the Sinulog festivities to which Cebu is known for.

‘Sinulog’ came from the Cebuano adverb “sulog” which describes the famous Sinulog dance steps (moving two steps forward and one step back) to which is performed to the beat of the drum. Sinulog is a feast celebrated in honor of the Child Jesus, Sr. Santo Niño that falls every third Sunday of January.

There are three things the locals and visitors always look forward to during the Sinulog festivities: the Novena Mass, the Solemn Procession and the Sinulog Grand Parade.

JANUARY 10-18, 2019

3:30AM – Assembly Time at Fuente Osmeña (January 18 only)
4:00AM – Holy Mass (Cebuano)
– Walk with Mary on January 18 only (Route: Fuente Osmeña – Osmeña Boulevard – Basilica)
5:30AM – Holy Mass (Cebuano)
7:00AM – Holy Mass (Cebuano)
8:30AM – Holy Mass (English)
10:00AM – Holy Mass (Cebuano)
11:30AM – Holy Mass (English)
1:00PM – Holy Mass (English)
2:30PM – Holy Mass (Cebuano)
4:00PM – Holy Mass (Cebuano)
5:30PM – Holy Mass (English)
7:00PM – Holy Mass (English)

The solemn procession starts at 1 pm on January 19. Be early if you want to go somewhere within the procession route as most of the affected roads will be closed around lunch time.

Sinulog 2019

The Sinulog Grand Parade 2019 happens on January 20, Sunday. Plan your strategy as to where to set-up your post to get a good view of the parade. IMHO, I would prefer to book a room at One Central Hotel as it is situated near Abellana City Sports Complex. Check their Facebook Fan Page for their Sinulog room rates and dinner buffet–a perfect choice if you are going about the city with elderly folks and they want to rest after a long walk.

Sinulog 2019

Sinulog day usually involves walking a lot in the city. Here are some travel tips to survive Sinulog 2019:

  • Bring a bottled of water or two to keep yourself hydrated.
  • It is best to wear comfortable clothing and rubber shoes or sneakers.
  • Protect yourself with sunblock, sunglasses, hat and an umbrella.

See you on the streets!

Photos: Sinulog

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