Everyone’s Favorite Kitchen: 30 Kitchen + Bar

Jan 29, 2013

30 Kitchen and Bar
White Flag: remains of my Chicken Caesar Panini

When I first met Jackie and Buen, I was immediately introduced to 30 Kitchen + Bar at our first lunch out together. Then it was followed almost every week and progressed from once to twice a week. I decided that a review is in order.

Why we love them? Two things: (1) you get your money’s worth and (2) you leave 30 Kitchen with a full belly.

Due to our frequent lunch visits and cravings, I decided to share the reason why we kept coming back to 30 Kitchen + Bar.


30 Kitchen knows the way to the Meatlover’s heart and satisfies a sweet tooth. They have unforgettable heavenly French toasts–which we doubled as appetizers whenever we dine. My favorite picks so far are Chicken Caesar Panini, creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta and any Nutella-related French toast.


Your gastronomic adventure starts at ₱150 – ₱240  for rice meals, ₱150 and above for sandwiches and pastas. They are also very generous with their serving. Small eaters might not be able to polish off their plates that much. But one thing rings true: you will leave 30 Kitchen with a full stomach.  


According to Buen, 30 Kitchen + Bar used to be in Paradise Village in Banilad but they’ve transferred to The Gallery in Mabolo, which is a good move. They have a black and white theme for their furniture with a minimalist touch. A perfect place to relax, grab a quick grub or have drinks with friends.


We love going to 30 Kitchen for lunch or dinner, making it one of our favorite and most go-to restaurants for stress eating. I think we’ve tried 70% on the menu.

30 Kitchen + Bar
The Gallery, Juan Luna Ave.,
Mabolo, Cebu City

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