Yoga Beginners Expectations at Surya Nanda Cebu

Jul 14, 2013

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I did yoga few years back and I enjoyed the calm feeling and peace of mind I got after a short session. After doing a quick research on the prices, checking recommendations from my friends, calculating the distance of the yoga studio and managing my schedule, I am now a regular (if you call once to twice-a-week a regular) yogi of Surya Nanda.

My investment? Yoga mat and leggings. It costs lesser than a new pair of running shoes. Bonus: I get to sweat more than running 30 minutes on cardio machines.

A friend of mine once told me that when you exercise, clear your mind. Otherwise, your effort in losing weight or toning your body won’t take effect. That’s what I like about yoga: I focus on mimicking my yoga instructor’s pose, observe proper body posture and not forgetting to breathe.

Yoga is like a full-body work-out personal journey. It is more than just breathing and om-ing. In fact, it is even better than running for thirty minutes on treadmill. It does not matter whether you pulled the perfect chaturanga dandasana (downward dog) or vriksasana (tree pose), the important thing is the effort you’ve exerted in doing the pose. Some teachers explain the benefits and do an accept your-limitations pep talk before or during the class. Take note that people who are not involved in an active lifestyle tends to have a hard time catching up. But of course, it depends on the person’s flexibility and determination.

Manage your expectations

  • Expect to sweat a lot. Bring extra towels and clothes.
  • For sweaty palms, be prepared to put a towel over your mat so you won’t slip when doing chaturanga.
  • The studio has mats but for hygienic purposes, you can buy a non-slip yoga mat. For serious yoga practitioner, invest on Lululemon mat or for less expensive, go for Manduka.
  • Water up to keep yourself hydrated. You don’t want to shock your body without water in between vniyasas.
  • Don’t forget to breathe or pull a face when performing a pose. Keep calm and smile.
  • Do not force yourself to perform a pose, find your limitations to avoid injuries.
  • There are days you can perform poses very well, there are also days you struggle.
  • During the first few sessions, it is normal to love balasana (child’s pose) and shavasana (dead pose).
  • If you have hip disc, scoliosis or any joint problems, check with your doctor first to get a go signal. Come clean as well at the beginning of the class so that the teacher can adjust the poses.
  • Again, do not feel pressured in doing the poses. Learn to accept your limitations.


I join yoga classes to manage my stress. It calms my mind and takes my mind off stressful matters. Yoga lessens chronic pain such as headaches, arthritis, and back pains. It also lowers blood pressure and improves sleep. You get to become more flexible and get toned muscles in return.

It also improves athletic performance, you will reduce your panting when you run next time. And lastly, weight reduction, which will take a long time to achieve. But coupled with a balanced diet and eating the right kinds of food, you will lose weight gradually.


Each session costs ₱150. Surya Nanda has a beginners’ package. It costs ₱500 for five sessions good for one month. For regulars, one may opt for their monthly package of ₱1,500 for 12 sessions.

Surya Nanda also sells yoga mat, yoga strap (mat), yoga bag (mat), yoga headband, and many more. Bottled water is also available to those who want to hydrate themselves.

Surya Nanda
Unit 4 and 5 A
Advent Business Center
139 Acacia St. Kamputhaw**
Cebu City 6000
Phone: (032) 417-1157

**that one-way street across Harold`s Hotel in Gorordo. Take the small road behind Eden’s Place. It is also near La Buona Forchetta Da Paolo restaurant. 

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