Travel Diaries: Exploring El Nido with Strangers

Apr 6, 2014

El Nido
Morning view from Corong-Corong, El Nido

A Palawan trip is never complete without an island hopping tour. Originally, we planned on bumming on the shores of El Nido doing nothing but we wanted to see the famous karsts surrounding the islands, so we booked our island hopping tour with Northern Hope Tours few days prior to the trip.

We got Tour A, which is composed of the Secret Beach, Schmizu Island, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, and 7 Commandos Beach. Apparently, our guides changed plans with the latter and switched the 7 Commandos to Papaya Beach.

el nido
Sunkissed selfies at Papaya Beach

Our group is composed of a couple from Manila, another couple from Davao, a Russian lady named Juliet, a tall blonde guy, Joe, which we nicknamed Miley Cyrus (coz he was lying in the hammock in Papaya Beach like Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video), two guys Rye and Kai whom we bonded over selfies on the rocks and waters for 7 hours in the open sea.

el nido
Summer essentials: sunblock, waterproof pouch for smartphones, dry bag, aqua shoes (optional)

Since we have foreigners on board, our guide, Dexter, spoke English for the benefit of everyone. The guides are very accommodating to everyone. They even let Kareen place her camera inside their Aquamundo dry bag.

Did I tell you that it’s the unofficial dry bag of El Nido? Almost every tourist and local carries Aquamundo for their stuff. Since we still have another island hopping tour in Puerto Princesa, Kareen bought a gray 5L Aquamundo dry bag for ₱700+ at the Art Cafe–which is sold cheaper compared to those sold at the tiangges. Still couldn’t get over that I didn’t get a red Aquamundo dry bag.

Let me go back to the tour, the first stop is the Secret Beach. It is hidden in a small island reminiscent of the movie adaptation of Alex Garland’s book “The Beach”. It is surrounded by limestone karst cliffs with a lagoon in the middle. If it is low tide, one can enter into a small hole where you will see a massive caldera that was once a cave that collapsed.

el nido
Entrance to the not-so secret beach
el nido
Secret Beach’s lagoon

Next stop is Shimizu Island. We docked almost noon and the place is already crowded with outrigger boats and island hoppers. Dexter and the gang prepared delicious grilled fish, squid, pork, and fruits for dessert. Tourists can laze around the beach, swim, or snorkel.

el nido
Lunch is waiting for us in Shimizu Island
el nido
There is beauty everywhere you look
el nido
A scene straight out from the postcards

We have to brave the Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-like big waves just to get to the Big Lagoon. As we approached the lagoon, its beauty deserves a moment of silence. According to the guide, the only activity allowed in Big Lagoon is sightseeing. We are not allowed to swim or snorkel because it is the breeding ground for fishes and other marine life.

el nido
Small lagoon

We proceed to the Small Lagoon, located on the cove of Miniloc Island. Since Kareen and I don’t know how to swim, we just made use of the 30 minutes hanging our wet sarongs and cover-ups and took selfies. I know, we missed 1/8 of our lives for not being able to swim and appreciate more of the Small Lagoon’s beauty. Moral lesson: must learn how to swim.

el nido
It’s so windy in Papaya Beach

Last stop is Papaya Beach in lieu of 7 Commandos. Here we get to enjoy the sun and the beach. Coconuts are available at ₱50 at the only vendor on the island. Chips and coffee are also available beside the coconut vendor.

Kai joined the other foreigners and locals for a game of volleyball while Rye, Kareen, and I explored the rocks at the other side of the island. We left our bags with the Russian lady and informed our guides where we’re going to avoid being left behind.

marimegmeg beach
Capped off the day with another sunset view at Marimegmeg Beach

We went back to the mainland around four-ish. Our boat stalled a few minutes and allowed the regatta to finish the race. We freshen up at Rye and Kai’s place in El Nido Bay Inn and went around the town.

We met up with Josiah Sicad of for a quiet dinner at Bacuit Bay Grill, Bar and Restaurant. Then we had an epic quest for ice cream at 9 pm. Unfortunately, most establishments sell their homemade ice cream at skyrocketing prices.

After an hour of walking, we ended up having watermelon and mango shakes at the Lonesome Carabao Lounge. The only place that sells an ice cream is the Midtown Bakery which is, to our dismay, closed as early as 7 pm.

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