Things You Shouldn’t Miss in El Nido

May 10, 2014

Honestly, we don’t know what to do in El Nido. What we have on our itinerary is just island hopping. But things changed when we fell in love with the place. In fact, it’s the opposite! There’s so much to do in El Nido, aside from island hopping.

I am sharing with you a few things that you shouldn’t miss while staying in El Nido. Thanks to our local guide, Josiah for showing us around and our newfound friends from the island hopping tour.

el nido cherry blossom
Sakura in El Nido

Cherry Blossom – I noticed this enchanting tree when our tricycle dropped us off at the church. Locals said that it is the only Cherry Blossom in Palawan, if not, in the Philippines.

st francis of assisi el nido
St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi Church – This is the only church I’ve been to with the limestone as a backdrop. Be sure to drop by to say a prayer. This is just near the Cherry Blossom tree.

Souvenirs – I was looking for a scarf that has a unique print. Found a gray-purple paisley combo number near the St. Francis of Assisi Church.

  • Since we’re doing Honda Bay tour in Puerto Princesa, we bought waterproof pouches for our cellphones. Rye tipped us off that they got their white and blue cellphone waterproof pouches in tiangge. He said that he got it for ₱100-120 while Kai got his at ₱180 because he doesn’t know where to look.
  • As mentioned in my previous post, Kareen got her Aquamundo dry bag in Artcafe. It’s a few pesos cheaper than the ones sold in the surrounding tiangge. And in case you are wondering, I secretly dubbed Aquamundo as the official dry bag in El Nido. Haven’t seen a different brand being lugged around by the bangkeros and tourists.
  • Pearls are also ideal pasalubongs for mothers, sisters, aunts and titas. Tip: do not buy pearls in El Nido. There are lots of pear earrings sold for as low as ₱10-20 in Puerto Princesa.
midtown bakery
Midtown Bakery

Midtown Bakery – The only bakery that sells Selecta ice cream! Josiah recommended the blueberry muffin. Their breads and pastries sure look delish but they’re selling it a bit pricey. And we also realized the night before that they close early. So if you want to try their blueberry muffin, better buy one before the bakery closes.

Marikot means “magulo” or chaos

Marikot – We saw their interesting signage from the corner that says “Marikot”. The guys selling the accessories are pretty cool and explained that “marikot” is a Cuyunin term for “magulo” or chaos. The store houses tribal house decors, handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, souvenir shirts and a handful of unique fashion finds like a red Indian-inspired print harem pants. This place is a haven for mountaineer/surfer/indie/backpacker group for local crafts and souvenirs that with a touch of Palawan character.

Marikot’s local art
yaposan beach
Yaposan Beach

Yaposan Beach – It was sweltering hot and the tide was low when Josiah took us to Yaposan Beach–which is not exactly a beach. This lovely rocky part of El Nido is a not-so secret lover’s nook. Hence, the name. The best time to visit Yaposan Beach is during low tide.

marimegmeg beach
Tranquility at Marimegmeg Beach

Marimegmeg Beach – We’re so lucky to have chosen La Casa Teresa as our home in El Nido. It is strategically located in Corong-corong beach where we can always catch the soft orange glow of the sunset.

Marimegmeg is just 5 minutes away from La Casa and offers a different sunset view from Corong-corong. Also a must-visit for sunset lovers.

The Girl with Red Maleta

Red Maleta

The Red Maleta story was born out of an idea to travel to new places, learn different cultures and understand the world better. Of course, bringing my red maleta along with me.

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