Weekend Project: Carmen

Jun 25, 2014

An impulsive Saturday getaway

We took the cue from Anton, the guy (from Brazil) driving a Ford EcoSport in Ford’s 2014 TVC (All-New Ford EcoSport Urban SUV), and took the Saturday off in search for a perfect profile summer photo. Kareen and I christened this mini-roadtrip as the #WeekendProject.

The Weekend Project involves traveling somewhere with a ₱500 budget. We hop on a bus and hit the road for a quick road trip.  

This time, we’re heading northern Cebu. Our stop? It’s Carmen.

What’s your summer story?

We got off in the public market in Carmen, bought our lunch and hopped on a motorcycle bound for Luyang.

We were supposed to lounge on a public beach in Luyang but we ended up picnicking under the shade of a coconut tree on a public beach in Bantigue. We basked under the summer heat and enjoyed gazing at the varying hues of blue.

Ahoy there!

Both us were not able to move on from our El Nido trip so we made this a weekend project. This will cure our El Nido sepanx. We missed the chance to lounge on the sandy shores of Palawan. We might have been to Palawan but we didn’t get the chance to roll in the sand as we were so busy hopping from one island to another.

Adjacent from the small entryway of the public beach is a small sari-sari store and a small house. The backyard of the house has a very Lake Sebu-ish view. These people are so lucky to have this serene view.

Lake Sebu-ish view from the backyard of a sari-sari store

After Bantigue, our driver drove us to Uragay Cold Springs. Unfortunately, we’re a bit disappointed since we are expecting the cold spring at its untouched natural state. Instead, they made it into a huge giant cement pool with a small pond on the other side. Totally commercial if you ask me.

hot spring
Yellow blooms in Uragay Cold Springs

We ended our weekend project at the Our Lady of Manaoag. It has a scenic overlooking view of the hills with American-inspired architecture.

Lady of Manaoag
View from the top
Lady of Manaoag
Rustic white gates of heaven
Lady of Manaoag
Roses for the Queen of the Holy Eucharist
Lady of Manaoag
The guardians

We said a short prayer and declared that the end of our Saturday adventure in Carmen, Cebu. Oh, and it’s within the budget of ₱500.

The Girl with Red Maleta

Red Maleta

The Red Maleta story was born out of an idea to travel to new places, learn different cultures and understand the world better. Of course, bringing my red maleta along with me.

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