Travel Diaries: Chasing the Sun in Boracay

Sep 5, 2014

Weekend beach bums

According to Jo Walton, a Welsh-Canadian writer, there’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them. If the chance presents itself, I will try to do more sunrise-watching because it’s so hard to chase a sunrise.

Getting our power breakfast at Real Coffee and got to sit beside a (minor) celebrity’s table

Since it’s my first time in Boracay, we hit the usual spots: breakfasting at the Real Coffee and Tea Cafe for their calamansi muffin, stand/sit while waiting for our shakes at Jonah’s, and walk Boracay’s 4 km White Beach–from Station 3 to Station 1 (Kareen thought this is a good initiation as a Boracay rookie).

Jonah’s Fruit Shakes
Loving this chocolate and peanut butter combo drink

We may have avoided Boracay’s weekend crowd, but we enjoyed the little luxuries our sanctuary offers us. Here’s what our sanctuary’s front yard looks like:

Our front yard for the weekend

Where to catch Boracay’s sunrise?

If you want to witness one of Mother Nature’s beautiful sunrises, you get the best seats on the beach in Bulabog Beach. It’s located on the eastern side of the island and not crowded. Unfortunately, it takes us 10 to 15 minutes walk from the peaceful side of the island to the great White Beach to look for something to eat or drink.

The brighter side of our accommodations:  we get to dig our toes into the cool, soft sand and roll on the beach contentedly. In fact, it’s an ideal retreat from the heart of Boracay’s party scene.

Rising sun

Besides, Boracay Gems has a beachfront which has a hammock and lawn chairs all ready for the taking. There are other affordable accommodations in Bulabog Beach such as the Lazy Dog which is located at the back of Boracay Gems. Take note to wake up extra early to catch the fiery rays of the rising sun.

Where can we get the best seats on the beach to watch the sunset?

Walk towards the end of the Station 1 and look for this cliffside trail. We have to go through that hole that goes through the other side of the beach.
And this is where we came through from the other side

Sunset shots usually involve the following: a.) kissing the sun, b.) jump shot, c.) contemplative shot of your silhouette against the sunset, d.) yoga pose, just to name a few. All these and more can be done by the shorelines of Diniwid Beach.

A private view from the beach

Diniwid Beach is a 15-minute walk from Station 1. Follow the cliffside trail atop the rocky fringe of the beach. Pass through a small cave-like opening to get through the other side. If you want the easy way, take a 20-minute tricycle ride from D’Mall in Station 2 for a “special” ride to Diniwid Beach which costs around Php 100.

When you see the beach, just look for a comfortable seat and start snapping away to immortalize those Instagram-worthy sunset photos of yours.

Head back before it gets super dark to avoid the tide and walking in the dark

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