Realize: 30 Realizations At 30

Sep 17, 2015

Two years ago, I tried to do an Eat, Pray, Love thing but blogged only about Eat and Pray. Two years ago, I didn’t know what I want to do with my life. This is a long overdue post and I think this year is the perfect time to blog about Realize—the last part of my own version of “Eat, Pray, Love”. In case you are wondering, I changed the last part.

red maleta in sumilon

Now that I’m 30, I am expected to share milestone-worthy insights of my life’s existence. So here are my words of wisdom realizations of my 30 years of living, in no particular order:

  • Read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince and Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist right before your proper adulthood years. Well, I did and helped me put things into perspective. And they’re two of my favorite books.
  • You think you know the world but you don’t. But when you’re 30, you develop a deep understanding of what you want in life, battles to (pick and) fight and victories to savor.
  • Choose your battles. This has been one of the best advice I received at work and it became my mantra. Sometimes, I just agree with you. Sometimes, I don’t. If I disagree with you, I will not give up without a fight and stand for what I believe.
  • You’ll get your heart broken but you’ll be okay. It’s not the end of the world, you know.
  • Conversations turn from mundane things to deep thought-provoking topics about life and God.
  • Night outs will come to an end in your late twenties and early thirties. They will become evenings in, Netflix and limited dinner outs.
  • Everyone has a different way of handling stress. Some eat, other people shop while I travel and blog. I have anxiety issues and I pour my excess energy to exercise–yoga and circuit training.
  • Travel cures stress and broken hearts (watch That Thing Called Tadhana). Travel is also good for soul-searching a la Eat, Pray, Love. Hey, they won’t make movies about traveling if it’s not true.
  • Invest your money in proper channels. Invest in mutual funds, buy bonds, land, life insurance and memorial plans. Set aside a budget for different categories in your bank account for emergency funds.
  • Keep healthy. Invest in a healthy lifestyle. Do yoga, pilates or go to the gym. And eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Minimize oily food and sweets. Your future self will thank you for it.
  • Manage time wisely. Work only within the required time and spend the rest of it to yourself and with loved ones. At the end of the day, work will not be there to pick up your painkillers at the nearest Rose Pharmacy or Mercury Drug.
  • Don’t rush into things. Let things come to you. They will, all in good time.
  • Do something stupidly impulsive. Something you will shamefully regret at the present but something to laugh about as you grow older. I did and I will never do it again. I’m still living in shame just thinking about it. And no, I won’t mention it here but I will tell you in person if you’ll ask.
  • Weekends become sacred. Strictly no work-related gigs. Except for my online gig because I enjoy it. It doesn’t count as work if you love it.
  • I choose friends to hang out with. Most of them are handpicked by yours truly. If I picked you to spend my time talking, discovering new places and do food trips, consider yourself lucky. Not to be a b*tch, but just saying.
  • I don’t have time for two-faced, backbiting and unworthy people. And to people who prefer to spend their time with their phones than talk to you in person. See previous bullet.
  • I am ashamed to admit that I am no longer updated on the mainstream stuff anymore. Who is AlDub?
  • I no longer care what everyone thinks. And it feels good. It’s one of the secrets to happiness.
  • Coffee is my best friend, partner in crime and morning power booster.
  • You can’t hurry love. Don’t rush to get married. It is the path of no return (don’t listen to all smug married couples’ married bliss stories). Annulment is pretty steep in this country. I’d rather use my annulment funds for travel or invest it in the stock market.
  • Don’t work towards a promotion. Work to be pirated.
  • Mall sales are a chore. I choose my battlefields. And I don’t want to waste my energy elbowing and fighting my way through vicious shopaholics and bargain hunters to get the last pair of shoe size 6 in a crowded boutique.
  • Time is the most special gift I can give to a person. Because I’m super busy. I work 8-9 hours Mondays through Fridays and spend my weekends working for my sideline job and traveling—off to discover new places.
  • I have a low tolerance for bullshits. If it’s a no, then tell me it’s a “no”. If it’s a yes, by all means, just say “yes”. Don’t left me hanging by a moment, dude.
  • I can be selfish and selfless at the same time.
  • I reward myself for small victories. Like splurge on cute accessories, a new shade of lippie, buy a new bag or dress. I’m a girl. I am allowed to like girly stuff, too.
  • While the rest of the world de-stress by coloring books, I do calligraphy or typography to pass the time.
  • I secretly want to save the world from global warming and get a monument created for posterity. While I’m at it, throw in a non-working holiday dedicated me and I will be eternally grateful to mankind.
  • Work hard. Travel and shop more.
  • Be kind to myself. Forgive myself. Love myself.

The Girl with Red Maleta

Red Maleta

The Red Maleta story was born out of an idea to travel to new places, learn different cultures and understand the world better. Of course, bringing my red maleta along with me.

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